The Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association Luxembourg (DDMBA-LUX) is dedicated to practicing the teachings of the Buddha through the Dharma Drum lineage of Chan Buddhism, as established by Chan Master Sheng Yen.

We welcome all who seek freedom of mind and heart to practice Chan Buddhism with us. Our experienced monastic and lay teachers offer guidance in Chan meditation practice. While the context is the Buddha’s teaching, these practices are universal in scope. They help to develop awareness and calm within ourselves, and to lead a life of cultivating compassion and wisdom.

People of like minds from all walks of life come to practice Chan, receive support from the community, deepen their understanding of themselves, and learn to live in harmony with others and nature. In light of this realisation, we hope to bring peace and happiness to the world.


Together with the ACCL (Association Culturelle Chinoise Luxembourg asbl) we propose for the summer of 2021

Meditation day and Chan lectures Summer session 2021


SO-MED-10 Chan Lecture – Chinese Language – 16 July – 15:30-17:30

SO-MED-7 Chan lecture – English language – 16 July – 18:00-20:00

SO-MED-6 Meditation Day – French language – July 18 – All day


The lectures are presented by Venerable Guo Yuan Fashi (Buddhist monk of the lineage of Master Sheng Yen and Abbot of the Dharma Drum Retreat Center in New York).
They will be held remotely on Zoom and are open to everyone. They are free of charge. A donation will be appreciated.

The CHAN meditation day will take place outside (in case of bad weather inside)

Price for the day: 80 euros
Lunch at noon: bring your own picnic

To access the meditation day, you must have attended at least 8 sessions of a Chan meditation course with Mrs LIN Li-Chuan and have her agreement.



Registration is open at www.luxchine.org

In case it is not possible to register on www.luxchine.org, please ask for a registration form at the DDMBA: ddmba@chan.lu and send it back by mail.