Dharma Drum Mountain Chief teacher – Venerable Guo Yuan

We had the great honour of having Dharma Drum Mountain’s Chief teacher Venerable Guo Yuan visiting us in Luxembourg to teach us about Chan (Zen), and how to apply it into daily life.  Venerable Guo Yuan held two talks in Chinese Mandarin, two talks in English of which one was organised by Chinesische Schule Trier e.V.  and a meditation workshop at ELVIBGER, HOSS & PRUSSEN law firm about walking & eating meditation,

Venerable Guo Yuan studied under Master Sheng Yen for over twenty years, and assisted his teacher in many retreats overseas. He was formerly the abbot of The Chan Meditation Center and the Dharma Drum Retreat Center in New York. He is Director of the Chan Hall, DDM Taiwan and currently leading Chan retreats in many parts of the world includes Europe, America, México, Taiwan and other parts of Asia.