Vice Dean of Dharma Drum Sangha University – Venerable Guo Gang

Venerable Guo Guang visited us back in 2012 before DDMBA-LUX has been founded. Her lectures focused on the concept of buddhist economics. Venerable Guo Guang holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, from Ohio State University, with experience and professorship in: Chan studies, lineages and practices, Buddhist economics. She is the Vice Dean of Dharma Drum Sangha University, a Chan practice, Buddhist study and monastic cultivation seminary for wisdom and compassion.


Buddhist economics is a spiritual approach to economics.[1] It examines the psychology of the human mind and the anxiety, aspirations, and emotions that direct economic activity. A Buddhist understanding of economics aims to clear the confusion about what is harmful and beneficial in the range of human activities involving production and consumption, and ultimately tries to make human beings ethically mature.[2] It tries to find a middle way between a purely mundane society and an immobile conventional society.[3] 

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